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The annual Utica Music & Arts Fest will take place on Saturday, August 5, 2016, from 5: 00 - 9: 00 p.m. at the New York State Convention Center in UtICA, NY. It is the mission of the Utico Music and Art Festival to revive Utica's historic appreciation of music while providing impetus to the local economy.

In addition to presenting several major productions per season, ILTC also hosts several special events and benefit performances, including numerous shows in aid of the Herkimer County Habitat for Humanity habitat. The theater preserves the architecture and historical integrity of the Uptown Theatre and reaches out to the communities it serves, while preserving and revitalizing the surrounding communities through its educational, outreach and outreach programs. IL TC hosts regional and regionally produced works by emerging filmmakers and performers from around the world.

Many CNY musicians have created and shared their own live feeds, which they post live on the Uptown Theatre's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Fans and live music lovers can support the musicians by launching live parties and sharing live videos with family and friends on their sites. For more information, visit the Mohawk Valley Open Mic group on Facebook or call Timian at 315-939-891.

We are so grateful for the support we have received from the Mohawk Valley Open Mic group and the community in general for their support.

The Landmark Theatre is one of the most prestigious venues in Central NY, and we hope to see Cheers there. ILTC is currently welcoming residency participants for its upcoming Utica New York Residency, which has recently been renovated to be a modern, 1,000-seat, 3,500-square-foot theater of which we can all be proud. Other Side, sponsored by the Mohawk Valley Open Mic Group and Sculpture Space, is open to any member of our community who wishes to rent out their space for live music, used records, reading groups or other purposes. UtICA players have always strived to provide entertainment that is unmatched in quality and value for the whole of Central, New York. We are proud to continue to be a part of this organization on and off the stage, we continue to work with artists working in the region, from the local community to the national and international music scene, and we are excited about our upcoming residencies and participants.

As a unique cultural resource, the Sculpture Space supports guest artists from the surrounding region as well as local and national artists.

The MOST Museum in Syracuse offers many activities for all ages, including art, music, dance, photography, art history, history and more. We intend to initiate a growing network of local, national and international events with a focus on Utica for local and national / international expansion. There is a skate park that I find weird, which was once a gym and has its own locally owned, modern indoor / outdoor skating rink. Within an hour's drive you will find a unique facility with a full-service café, café-bar, art gallery and museum all in one place.

Internationally recognized for its seminal art and video collection, renowned architect and closely associated with the New York State Museum of Contemporary Art, it houses the largest collection of modern and contemporary art in the United States and is internationally recognized as a pioneer in this field.

Although everyone knows the story by heart, that doesn't mean there's nothing new to say about Sound of Music. While 18 million viewers watched the NBC Live Special, it remains one of the most popular live shows in television history. The Oscar-winning film "The Great Gatsby" was inspired by the music of John Lennon, the composer and composer-in-residence at the State Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.

There is no place in the world that resembles Adirondack Park so much, and there is no better place in the United States than the Hudson Valley in New York City.

Hops grown in the capital of North America are a world-class drink. Hops are now grown in every place where you can go for a walk, enjoy a tasting and then browse through local produce. Take a tour to see how these drinks are made, and then walk along the paths to experience the waterfalls first hand. The Erie Canal Museum is dedicated to the incredible adventure of the Erie Canal, as it houses the lastremaining structure of one of the oldest and most famous waterways in New York.

Fenimore Art Museum is part of the New York State Historical Association, a not-for-profit corporation that controls the operation of all museums. The organization has been promoting the art and culture of Utica and its community since 1976, selecting 20 artists each year for two months. The MVCC Cultural Series brings a wide range of local, regional, national and international artists and artists - in residence - to the community. Major productions are presented by the Stanley Center for the Arts in Utah, which is hosted by the University at Buffalo and the UB College of Arts and Sciences, as well as other local and national organizations.

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More About Utica